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Aluminum V Guitars

The Normandy® Guitar is made of specially selected aluminum, resulting in a level of quality far superior to traditional wood-bodied basses. Known for their sustain qualities and warm tones, these lightweight aluminum electric basses are an instant classic.

"Our goal is to offer the guitar world something new and modern with classic sound—an affordable but "top of the line" high-end masterpiece."
— Jim Normandy

Quality Craftsmanship

Normandy® Guitars ensures quality by hand-picking every component. Each bass takes several months to finish. These quality components combined with the aluminum body allow for an incredible sound with greater sustain.

Classic Design ~ New Age Materials

The Normandy® V Guitar is made out of specially selected aluminum, resulting in sustain qualities that are better and have been touted as far superior to the traditional wooden bodied guitars.


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Aluminum Sounds Better - with a Normandy Guitar