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Psycho Guitar Killers

The World of Music Has Been Changed Forever

An organization known as MUSIC INC. has commandeered complete control over the production, distribution, and content of today's music industry. Under their reign, they have diluted all genres of music into bland and redundant dither. All songs are carefully manipulated to be top 10 hits that are sung by "artists" that MUSIC INC. has groomed. Beautiful celebrities dressed in beautiful clothes, selling smash-hits that curiously sound just like the previous hit songs from last week.

Musical creativity has been OUTLAWED.

MUSIC INC. enforces their reign with an array of villainy known by the people as the THOUGHT POLICE. Amidst this lackluster, dark expanse of commercial pop putridity, there is hope.

JIM NORMANDY, an independent guitar manufacturer, stumbles upon Robert Johnson's legendary guitar. Once he places the guitar on display in his guitar factory, the guitar emits its strange energy that is blasted into his entire factory and the guitars that are created there. The sonic energy that is blasted into each Normandy Guitar has transformed these once relatively benign instruments into weapons of destruction that can repel, maybe even annihilate the evil Thought Police, and restore musical creativity.

However, MUSIC INC. is a vast and powerful entity, and will stop at nothing to retrieve the source of the Normandy Guitar's power.

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Psycho Guitar Killers Merchandise


Psycho Guitar Killers Comic Book Vol 2

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Psycho Guitar Killers Comic Book Vol 1

Psycho Guitar Killer comics have an original storyline with a political tone hinting at government’s attempts to squash creativity among American people over the years. Each issue will feature a different band. All profits from the sale of Psycho Guitar Killers comic books help fund non-profit organizations dedicated to the restoration of music education programs in America’s public schools and to raising awareness of the positive impact music participation has on students.


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