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The Normandy O-CB Pedal comes loaded with these features:
  • An incredibly versatile overdrive
  • Integrated cleanboost pedal up to 30db
  • True bypass switching
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Single opamp design
  • Classic 1N60 germanium clipping diodes
  • Tantalum caps

The Normandy O-CB pedal is a must have for those on the quest for the Holy Grail of tone… an overdrive pedal and a clean boost pedal all wrapped up into one box of versatile tone heaven.
A powerhouse made with the highest quality parts, the incredibly versatile O-CB allows you to dial in an exceptionally wide array of overdrive variants. From bright shimmery highs to growling, crunchy, chunka-chunka-funk to warm, smooth and bluesy tones. All of this classic ear candy courtesy of a single opamp design, classic 1N60 germanium clipping diodes, and tantalum caps. AND, you have the power to be heard, I mean really heard, when it's most important. The Boost switch can be used to punch in your lead volume just as loud as you want it – when you want it!

O-CB Overdrive Pedal Images


Normandy Guitars O-CB
Overdrive & Boost Pedal


Normandy O-CB Overdrive Demo

Normandy O-CB Overdrive Demo

Normandy O-CB Overdrive Demo

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