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Top Ten Reasons to Own a Normandy Guitar

1.  The Look – From the classic arch top curves of the body, to the vintage Bigsby®-vibrato tailpiece, to the distinctive “rivets” front and back, there is simply no other guitar like it.

2.  The Sound – The resonant, aircraft-grade aluminum body produces smooth, warm tones that ring true and long. Sustain is increased significantly when compared to that of a conventional wooden guitar body. 

3.  The Feel –The Normandy® weighs 8.6Lbs. which is roughly the same (or less) than most other electric guitars, maintains perfect balance when on a strap, and is so accommodating that you may just be able to go at it all night.

4.  The Durability – This is a deceivingly solid piece of equipment.  You may be able to snap the neck, but the body will stand up to the most aggressive punk-inspired outbursts.

5.  The Neck – Our maple-on-maple & rosewood-on-maple necks are shaped close to what you would find on an old-school jazz guitar – not too fat…not too thin.

6.  The Pickups – Normandy® OldSchool-Humbuckers® with Alnico 5 magnets are overwound to 12K ohms for higher output, powerful midrange and driving tone. 

7.  The Craftsmanship – Normandy® Guitars are made one at a time with quality and durability as our foremost concerns; they are built to stand the test of time from one gig to the next.

8.  The Finish – The Chrome is triple-electroplated, the School Bus and Army Green are powder coated using a special “baked-on” finish and the Candy Apple Metal Flake finishes are far superior to the standard paint, stain, or varnish typically found on guitars.  Whatever the color, the appearance will outshine that of any guitar you’ve ever seen.

9.  The Service – Normandy® offers a warranty against defective materials and workmanship for the life of the guitar*.  That being said, you may rest assured that every one of our instruments will play its very best right out of the box.

10. Add it all up  –  the sound, the look, the feel, the durability and all of extra care taken to perfect this one of a kind guitar, combined with our state of the art manufacturing processes equal a guitar that you would expect to cost thousands more than it does.  Custom, boutique styling & quality that every player can afford….that’s the best thing of all.

* Subject to certain restrictions. Click here for details.



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